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Our extensive experience has helped multiple companies grow in both domestic and foreign markets. We offer a wide range of digital marketing services – combining creativity with a data-driven approach.

Hathor Productions ambassadors:

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Why work with an agency if they don’t completely unburden you? We really take that for granted. That we are ready whenever you need us, at any time. That requires flexibility and reliability. A wonderful sense of peace of mind, knowing that things will always work out.



With us, you can be confident that you’re always ahead of the curve; we know what’s going on and what’s possible. As soon as you hear about it for the first time, we already know all the ins and outs. A contagious curiosity that teaches and inspires.


Let us pleasantly surprise you. These are the moments when you can really make a difference. From a quick win to proactively pitching a new concept.


You work in sports for a reason. Exactly. You want to win and so do we. We have an enormous hunger for success, driven by our unparalleled passion and unquenchable eagerness. Will you challenge us?

Our Framework

Send us a project inquiry, and we will reply within one working day.


Get in touch

Write to us, call us, and together, we will find a suitable solution.


Tell us about your project

Within 1 working day, our project manager will send you a price request and discuss the project details with you.


Work start and design

Based on your functional requirements, our designer will create a design that aligns with your brand's character and message. We ensure that every detail is coordinated with you.



We will assist you in identifying these critical features and excluding anything superfluous. The completion of the work typically takes about 5-7 working days.



We will provide you with a strategist who has business and management experience and who will share the latest practices.



We offer assistance in registering a domain, ordering a server service and setting up e-mails. When a website is up on the server, we set up SEO tools and signal to search engines that the new website is open to the world.

Marcus Pertelson and Aleksei Garanin, Hathor Productions founders, handshaking before chess match

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We are ambitious professionals, as well as friends and supportive companions.

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